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Non-Competition Agreements

Two of a business’ most important assets are its employees and its clients. A non-competition agreement that includes anti-piracy, confidentiality, and non-solicitation provisions can be an extraordinarily effective tool to protect these business assets. If not properly tailored to protect vital interests of each specific business, the non-competition agreement may be invalid. At General Counsel, P.C. our attorneys have experience drafting non-competition agreements for many clients and can assist your business with drafting an effective non-competition agreement that will protect your business.

Finally, a non-competition agreement is useless if you do not attempt to enforce it. Our attorneys have represented businesses on both sides of non-competition litigation – both in trying to enforce a non-competition agreement through injunctive relief and other claims for damage, and in defending clients for alleged breaches of a non-competition agreement and damages. We can assist your business with these claims.

The laws regarding enforceability of non-competition agreements can vary from state to state. For example, in some states a three year restriction against an electrical engineer from becoming employed by a client of the employer within three years after leaving the employer was held to be valid.  While in other states, a one year restriction against soliciting customers of a coin-operated machine-leasing company was not permitted.  Thus, non-competition agreements must be specifically tailored to your company and the state in which your company operates.

Follow the links below for a brief overview of the listed states:

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Merritt Green on Non Compete Agreements

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