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A trademark can be a word, symbol, name or company logo used to identify your business or product. Trademarks are often referred to as brand names. Trademarks and service marks help increase brand recognition among your customers. By registering a trademark, you are securing an image for your company that cannot be reproduced by your competitors.

At General Counsel, P.C., our intellectual property (IP) lawyers understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a trademark to protect your intellectual property asset. Benefits of owning a registered trademark include:

  1. Distinguishing your company from the competition
  2. Receiving a mark for your business that will last forever, pending proper renewal
  3. Providing notice to everyone across the country that you own the mark
  4. Increasing the amount of damages you are able to obtain from infringers
  5. Granting the ability to sue for infringement in federal court
  6. Obtaining trademark registration in foreign countries

Our intellectual property attorneys know the steps required to obtain a valid trademark and will strive to increase the success of your business. We can also provide you with other intellectual property needs assistance such as obtaining copyright protection or filing for a patent.

Trademark Infringement and Trademark Litigation

If your competitors are using your trademark or company logo without your permission, they are infringing on your rights. You need to take action to protect your intellectual property. Our trademark attorneys are experienced in trademark litigation. We will fight to protect your interests in and out of the courtroom.

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