General Counsel Employment Law Attorneys in Northern Virginia provide a full range of business services to our clients covering all of their employee management and HR needs including documentation, drug testing, regulatory issues, competition agreements, and more. Our expansive knowledge of business law equips us to cater to more complex needs, contributing significantly to business growth and legal security for larger corporations, government contractors, and even non-profits.


Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act


Special Employment Considerations for Government Contractors.


Special Employment Considerations for Non-Profit Organizations.

Recent Labor and Employment Law Articles

  • General Counsel, P.C. Secures Dismissal of COVID-19 Discrimination Lawsuit for Client

    The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia dismissed a former employee’s lawsuit claiming employment discrimination against her former employer. The case originated during the COVID-19 Pandemic, when the employer, a government contractor, implemented a COVID-19 vaccination policy to safeguard its workforce. The Plaintiff, an employee at the time, applied for a religious...

  • SEC Rules Separation Agreements Cannot Restrict a Departing Employee’s Right to Engage with a Governmental Agency

    On September 8, 2023, the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”) issued an order declaring that an employer’s separation agreement with a departing employee cannot restrict the departing employee’s right to (1) communicate with governmental agencies, (2) provide information to governmental agencies, or (3) receive an incentive award for communicating or providing such information. Generally, a sep...

  • Zettervall v. Leidos: Employment Lawsuit Dismissed for Failure to File Timely EEOC Charge

    A recent Eastern District of Virginia case, Zettervall v. Leidos, serves as a cautionary tale against representing yourself in an employment dispute. Matthew Zettervall sued his employer, Leidos, for religious discrimination under Title VII and disability discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Mr. Zettervall filed his complaint against Leidos pro se (without an...

  • Does an ADA Failure to Accommodate Claim Require an Adverse Employment Action? In DC, MD, and VA an Adverse Employment Action is Not Required.

    The Eleventh Circuit’s Decision in Beasly v. O’Reilly Auto Parts In Beasely v. O’Reilly Auto Parts the Eleventh Circuit Federal Court of Appeals held that an employee must have suffered an adverse employment action to bring a lawsuit for failure to accommodate under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Beasley v. O’Reilly Auto Parts, 69...

  • NLRB Closes the Curtain on Opera Independent Contractors

    A recent ruling from the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) provides further grounds for employers to carefully consider how they classify their workers as employees or independent contractors. In this matter, a group of makeup artists, wig artists, and hairstylists working for the Atlanta Opera petitioned the NRLB to grant them union representation, a benefit...

  • Understanding the ADEA and ADA as an Employer

    Federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on both age and disability. If you are subject to an employment discrimination lawsuit or are worried about becoming subject to an employment discrimination lawsuit, this will outline the federal court’s interpretation of both the ADEA and ADA and guide how to protect yourself from potential...

About Labor and Employment Law

Labor and employment law deal with the laws and regulations that govern relationships between employees and employers. An employment law attorney represents employers in the private and public sectors and individual employees. Our employment attorneys handle matters including equal employment opportunity law, employment contracts, family and medical leave, wage and hour laws, wrongful discharge, harassment, workplace safety, covenants not to compete, and severance/separation agreements. Our employment and labor attorneys can also advise clients on how best to comply with federal and laws.  Additionally, our Labor/Employment Law Practice Group has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing employment policies and employee handbooks to provide strong foundations for businesses.  When necessary, our attorneys vigorously defend our clients from employment-related claims.

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I was introduced to Merritt by a common contact and it turned out to be a fantastic referral. He handled my case with compassion and professionalism that I’ve never seen before. I recommend him without hesitation!

Maria Trujillo

Great experience, advice and accessibility!

Merritt assisted me by reviewing a current employment agreement as well as prospective services agreement I’d be signing as an independent contractor. He is highly professional, knowledgeable, very accessible and easy to work. We were able to negotiate a flat fee agreement that was very fair which was important in my case. Most importantly he answered my questions and offered great advice that was clear and effective. Merritt left me feeling very confident as I proceeded.


Mr. Green’s professionalism and exceptional responsiveness are truly unmatched

Mr. Green was referred to me by a mutual contact, who said, “I’m connected to many employment lawyers, but I only recommend Merritt Green…great character and professional competence.” My contact was right: Mr. Green’s professionalism and exceptional responsiveness are truly unmatched. He gave sound advice and support throughout a challenging process, drawing on his many years of experience. He served as a well-balanced voice of reason whenever needed. I highly recommend him and his team, and would feel confident to call on him again should the need arise. Mr. Green is a great, reliable legal resource to have on your side!

T. White

One of the most committed, determined, and knowledgeable legal teams

I had a relative who underwent an injustice with their former employer (a major chain store). Merritt Green and Hailey Render with the addition of their staff fought vigorously for almost two years to bring this relative justice. This is one of the most committed, determined, and knowledgeable legal teams in the industry, and whatever your issue, how big or small, trust when I say they are equipped to help you, even if you feel helpless. I thank you Merritt Green, Hailey Render, and your wonderful staff for everything. Whenever someone asks for legal advice now, I simply hand them one of your business cards and say “thank me later”.


I would recommend this firm to anyone in a similar situation!

I found myself in a situation where my former employer was suing me for monetary compensation and a non-compete clause. Mr. Merritt Green and his associate, Mr. Andrew Baxter were very knowledgeable in employment law as it pertains to Federal contractors and the Commonwealth of Virginia. They were able to settle the case to my satisfaction without court time. I would recommend this firm to anyone in a similar situation.


I’m very grateful for his work!

I engaged Merritt for a matter that had some “delicate”complications. He thoroughly researched the details and then handled it quickly and professionally, I’m very grateful for his work I give him my strongest recommendation.

Ingar Grev

He is truly an upstanding lawyer!

Mr. Green took his time explaining the legal obligations and answered all my questions before I was even his client. He is truly an upstanding lawyer and cares about his clients.


Professional, Thorough, and Effective!

Professional, Thorough, and Effective I engaged Merritt for an employment law matter that had some “delicate” complications. He thoroughly researched the details and then handled it quickly and professionally, I’m very grateful for his work I give him my strongest recommendation.


Great lawyer and I highly recommend him!

Great lawyer and I highly recommend him for anyone facing employment legal challenges.

Kevin Evringham

Mr. Green and his staff are my champions!

I typically do not rate all fives across the board. However, Mr. Green and his staff demonstrated exemplary work ethics and provided excellent customer service. Mr. Green explained the process thoroughly and clearly. He and his staff ensured I was kept informed of the proceedings. Through his hard work and expert negotiation skills; I was afforded a positive outcome to what was once a negative experience. Mr. Green and his staff are my champions!

Hilda E Moses

Great lawyer and I highly recommend!

Great lawyer and I highly recommend him for anyone facing employment legal challenges.

Kevin Evringham

I found Merritt Green through the internet!

I had less than 36 hours to find a lawyer for my case at work. I found Merritt Green through the internet. He quickly spoke to me about my problems and agreed to represent me on my case. Merritt Green and his associates were there for me through my whole case even when called at the last minute and even negotiated my return to work. I could not have asked for more help and support in a dire time.

Marta Garcia