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Virginia Registered Agent Services

Every business authorized to do business in Virginia is required by law to have a registered agent in Virginia. The role of the registered agent is to forward to the business any communications served on the registered agent for the business. Typically, these communications will include legal documents, such as subpoenas and summons. The Commonwealth of Virginia also sends annual reports and other official notices to the registered agent of a business.

Who Can Serve as Registered Agent?

An individual can serve as a registered agent for a Virginia business, if certain criteria are met.  To serve as a registered agent, an individual must:

  1. Be a resident of Virginia;
  2. Be a member of the Virginia State Bar or a part of the management of the business
    entity (an officer or director of a corporation, a member or manager of a limited liability
    company, a trustee of a business trust, a general partner of a limited partnership, or a
    partner of a registered limited liability partnership); and
  3. Agree to serve as the business entity’s registered agent.

A business entity may also serve as a registered agent for another business entity. However, a business entity cannot act as its own registered agent. For a low annual fee, General Counsel, P.C. will serve as registered agent for your business.

Reasons Why Business Owners Should Not Serve as Registered Agent – Read this Article for 6 Reasons Business Owners should not serve as the registered agent for their business

Benefits of General Counsel, P.C. Serving as Your Registered Agent

  • Flexibility – we are open during regular business hours, which is an important criteria in a registered agent. Having us serve as your business’s registered agent allows you to be
    away from the office without fear of missing important notices.
  • Convenience – if we are listed as your registered agent, business documents don’t need to be updated if your business address changes.
  • Privacy – listing General Counsel as your registered agent allows you to use our address on official documents that need to be filed for your business. This allows you to keep personal addresses off of these documents which may be available to the public.
  • Additionally, if your business is involved in litigation, having us serve as your registered agent prevents the possibility that your business may be served legal documents in front of clients or customers (or friends or neighbors if your business is operated out of your home).
  • Notice – if General Counsel serves as your registered agent, we will be notified at the earliest opportunity of any potential legal issues your business faces. This allows us to be timely notified of any disputes and adequately prepare to respond as necessary.

Can a Registered Agent be Changed?

A business can change its registered agent by filing a “Statement of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office” with the Clerk’s Office. The form can be completed electronically or requested by mail. The form must be signed by a person associated with the management of the business.

Call General Counsel, P.C. today at 703-991-7973. We can help you establish your registered agent for the first time or compete the required change form. You can also request that we serve as your business’ registered agent by using this form: https://www.generalcounsellaw.com/contact-us/.

You can find information about the additional business entity formation services we offer here.


Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

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