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Complete Legal Support for Foreign Companies Entering the U.S. Market

From General Counsel Law Serving Clients in Northern Virginia, Washington DC & Virginia

GCPC provides the complete spectrum of legal services that global startups and emerging companies need when entering the U.S. market. At GCPC, we believe in providing exceptional legal representation and superior customer service to companies of all sizes and in all industries.

Whether you are establishing a new business or a large corporation seeking outside counsel, our experienced attorneys offer a full range of the legal services needed by every business, including labor and employment, corporate and tax, government contracts, civil litigation, and intellectual property. For foreign companies looking to do business in the U.S. market, we offer a full range of legal services, connection to U.S. businesses, reasonable legal fees, and business-aligned legal strategies.

The most unique feature about GCPC is that our attorneys bring a breadth of experience in various areas of the law as well as industry specific experience. Industries include, among others, IT, biotechnology, education, real estate, clean-tech, media, health care, medical device, financial services, semiconductor, software, government contractors, food, hospitality, beverages and restaurants, retail and telecommunications.

We also provide strategic advice to our clients to help navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of public and private financings from angel investments to initial public offerings.

To this end, we assist our clients in securing funding by maintaining relationships with banks, angel investors, venture capital, and private equity funds as well other strategic financing sources. Leveraging our relationships, we keep abreast of market terms by keeping our ears to the street with the ultimate goal of finding the best financing sources and structures for our clients.

We believe your legal strategy should be intimately aligned with your business strategy. Thus, we strive to understand our clients’ business models and objectives before setting out an effective and budget-conscious legal plan to help your business achieve its goals. With an innovative operating model, we are able to offer hourly rates that average 50% less than metropolitan lawyers in addition to low flat-fee arrangements.

Our foreign clients regularly engage us for the following matters:

  • Corporate Formation and Governance (including selecting the suitable legal entity and state of incorporation and customizing the operating agreement)
  • Employment and Tax Consultation (particularly with regard to hiring employees/contractors)
  • Visa/Immigration Applications
  • Intellectual Property Counseling/Procurement/Licensing (such as patent licensing or web domain procurement)
  • Business Contract Review (covering transactions with customers or suppliers)
  • Investor Fundraising (such as angel funding, venture capital funding, and crowd funding)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

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Our team of attorneys is dedicated to ensuring that your company stays on track to achieve its business objectives. We strive to build a partnership with you and your business, remaining on call as you grow your operation and are faced with new opportunities and new challenges.