Government Contract Attorneys at General Counsel serve clients throughout the nation including Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC, providing comprehensive legal services bid protests, government claims and appeals, as well as assistance in getting government contracts with Small Business Certification Services.


Although it is the goal of our attorneys to assist you in avoiding disputes, there are times when it is necessary to file a protest to protect your opportunity to receive a contract award.


In an ideal world, after receiving a government contract award, the contractor will perform as required and be paid by the government in full and on time.


Small Business Certification Services

Recent Government Contracts Articles

  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

    The Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) designation offers companies improved prime and subcontracting opportunities. Certain contracts are set aside for SDVOSB’s. The Small Business Association (SBA) initially determines the eligibility of any business applying for SDVOSB status. A Service-Disabled Veteran is a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, wh...

  • SBA Has Reopened for New 8(a) Applications

    As of September 29, 2023, the SBA has reopened 8(a) applications. New applicants may still prepare and upload a social disadvantage narrative to the system. The SBA is now requiring all 8(a) participants who originally relied upon the presumption of social disadvantage in their application to re-establish their 8(a) Program eligibility by completing a social...

  • SBA Temporarily Suspends New 8(a) Business Development Program Applications

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) “temporarily suspended” new 8(a) application submissions after a July ruling from the Eastern District of Tennessee. The SBA’s website alerts the public that new 8(a) application submissions under the Business Development Program are currently suspended while it revises the application questionnaire to comply with the court’s decision. The SBA’s 8(a)...

  • Key Takeaways from the 2022 GAO Bid Protest Annual Report

    Each year, the General Accountability Office (“GAO”) releases an annual report, which compiles information about cases it saw in the previous year. GAO recently released the report for fiscal year 2022 with information about protests filed with GAO for the 2022 fiscal year. During the 2022 fiscal year, GAO received a total of 1,658 cases,...

  • A Special Message of Gratitude on Veterans Day

    A Message from Craig Lawless, Chair of General Counsel, P.C’s Government Contracts Practice Group, Editor of the Bid Protest Weekly, and Captain, United States Navy On behalf of General Counsel, P.C. and its affiliate, VetWorking, we are proud, appreciative, and so very grateful to our Veterans and their families for the service they have given to the United State...

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Government Contracting and Bid Protest Lawyers

Complete Contractor Assistance in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and Nationwide

Government contractors need legal counsel from attorneys with broad experience handling the unique situations that may arise when dealing with state or federal government agencies. At General Counsel, P.C., we have the knowledge and skill to represent your interests in contract formation and contract performance. We resolve government contract disputes at all levels, draft documents such as teaming and subcontractor agreements, and counsel you through all issues related to contract administration.

Comprehensive Government Contractor Representation

Our government contract attorneys have experience providing legal advice, as well as negotiation and litigation expertise relevant to the entire lifecycle of a government contractor. We have been able to resolve disputes with government customers without resorting to costly litigation that can damage ongoing business relationships.

When necessary, we file bid protests and pursue contract claims against the government. We have been involved in numerous bid protests and know what it takes to succeed at every available forum, including state and federal courts.

Giving Your Company an Advantage in Government Contracts

We can advise you on teaming agreements, subcontractor agreements, proposals, and related issues. We also advise clients who wish to qualify for small business set-aside awards, such as:

We will work with you to determine whether your business qualifies for these and many more government programs. We will assist you in compiling the relevant documentation and preparing a detailed and compelling application to obtain these valuable small business certifications. Once your business is certified, we will help you to develop a business plan that can turn that certification into monetary value. As many certifications are not guaranteed for the life of your business, we will help you monitor whether new business opportunities or partnerships with other companies may jeopardize your ongoing qualification under these programs.

Government Contract Litigation Attorneys

Although it is the goal of our attorneys to avoid litigation, there are times when you have no choice but to litigate to protect your rights. We can represent you before many agencies and courts including:

  • The Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  • The U. S. Court of Federal Claims (COFC)
  • The Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
  • The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
  • The FAA's Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition
  • The Small Business Administration's Office of Hearings and Appeals

General Counsel, P.C.'s attorneys are also familiar with litigating subcontractor disputes before private dispute resolution panels, such as the American Arbitration Association.

Contact a Government Contracts Lawyer

Contact our government contracting law office by e-mail or call 703.556.0411 to schedule a consultation. We represent government contractors in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., across the nation and around the world.

What Clients Say About Our Government Contracts Group

Chris L.

Craig Lawless is one of the most knowledgeable and client-focused attorneys I’ve ever met. He has my highest recommendation for companies seeking GovCon law guidance.

Chris L.

It continues to be a pleasure for me to know that we have you, Lewis and the rest of GCPC backing us up as we continue to evolve and grow.

I wanted to let you know that Lewis has really become a fantastic trusted counsel and key legal partner. As we have grown, we have obviously had to utilize your legal counsel services more, and his pragmatic approach with careful attention to detail and excellent communication have served us well. In the last six months, we have had to negotiate two protests. One was where we got hit with a protesting company’s corrective action out of the blue. We were awarded that contract after navigating a 3-week long, no-notice financial audit conducted by the SBA covering 3 years in the past, current year and 18 months in the future (projections). We received award (one of 14) of that 10-year, $850M funded IDIQ just a few weeks ago. In the second one, we were the protesting company after we were deemed non-compliant with a proposal submission and booted from competition; after review of the compliance issues we and Lewis concluded the Gov’t was wrong. So, we protested and the Gov’t did not defend, letting us back into the competition within 3 weeks of our notice of removal. We received the official notice today. This was our first protest in 6 years of business; I will never enter a frivolous protest. And, Lewis’ counsel is fully aligned with our approach to business. Anyway, I just wanted to share a few kudos. It continues to be a pleasure for me to know that we have you, Lewis and the rest of GCPC backing us up as we continue to evolve and grow.

Government Contractor

General Counsel has been instrumental in developing ground-breaking frameworks to help us build a robust national process!

Ready by 21 is the signature initiative of the Forum for Youth Investment, a nonprofit, nonpartisan “action tank” dedicated to helping communities and the nation make sure all young people are ready for college, work and life. “General Counsel has been instrumental in developing ground-breaking frameworks to help us build a robust national process.”

Bob Bowen
Forum for Youth Investment

My legal partner and trusted advisor!

As a government contractor (and growing business), I have relied on General Counsel, P.C. for over four years to be my “legal partner and trusted advisor.” General Counsel’s team of attorneys is a vital part of our business. They not only provide exceptional legal services, but they take the time to learn about and understand our business. They care about our success. I highly recommend General Counsel, P.C. for any business that wants great legal service provided by attorneys that care about your business.

Michael L. Daniels
Incisive Technology Incorporated

They are a great peace of mind!

General Counsel, P.C. understands Small Business needs, they have become a strategic partner providing exceptional counsel in the dynamic and ever-changing world of government contracting. They are a great peace of mind.

Thomas J. Davis


Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

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Our team of attorneys is dedicated to ensuring that your company stays on track to achieve its business objectives. We strive to build a partnership with you and your business, remaining on call as you grow your operation and are faced with new opportunities and new challenges.