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Most Companies would agree that their personnel are their most important asset. Most companies would probably also agree the field of employment law gives them the most headaches, and causes the most lost sleep.

Our Litigation Attorneys have significant experience with all facets of employment law, and work closely with the lawyers in our Employment Law practice group to most effectively represent our clients’ interests.

Here is a sampling of the types of Employment Law matters our Litigation Attorneys routinely handle:

Non-Competition Agreements: Non-competition agreements (commonly called a “Non-compete”) are becoming more common, and yet the law surrounding these agreements remains volatile and changing. We often see employers trying to protect their interests, but because they were unaware of some of the pitfalls, they ended up having a Non-compete that was entirely unenforceable. For instance, finding a form document on the internet, which may be enforceable in another state, may leave an employer unprotected.

Whether you are an employer trying to enforce a Non-compete, or an employee trying to understand whether you are bound by one, our lawyers have significant experience negotiating and litigating Non-compete matters.

Termination / Separation:  Termination of an employment relationship can often lead to discord and misunderstanding.  This is particularly true in a down economy, where terminated employees have difficulty finding replacement employment, and thus can feel financial pressure to assert some claim against their former employer.  Our lawyers represent clients involved in disputes over termination or separation issues, including severance and release agreements.

Discrimination / Harassment Claims:  Sometimes, a terminated employee tries to strike back at their former employer by pressing a claim of discrimination or harassment.  Our lawyers represent clients in such matters at all levels, including local or state agencies, the EEOC, and in the Courtroom.  Our lawyers have written various articles about aspects of discrimination and harassment, such as this one addressing Work Authorizations (I-9) and this one addressing an employer’s liability for a predecessor’s acts of discrimination.

USERRA:  Soldiers serving in the reserves have federally protected rights to return to their position after a deployment.  Particularly in the DC Metro region, and working as closely with Government Contractors as we do, we see a lot of individuals who are in the reserves and get deployed.  Our lawyers have litigated cases over USERRA rights, as well as counsel individuals and employers on their rights under this important Federal Statute.  Our lawyers have written articles about USERRA, such as this one summarizing the law, and this one addressing some statutory amendments.

Wage & Payment Act Claims:  An area that often comes up under this law is whether a terminated employee was properly paid out accrued bonuses, and whether bonuses constitute wages under the law.  Our lawyers have experience litigating various aspects of wage & hour claims.


Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

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