Published by Ask General Counsel on InsideNova, 4/13/2021 Can employers require employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations? Yes, with some exceptions and if the mandatory vaccine policy is job-related and consistent with business necessity. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) issued new guidance that preemptively answers some questions that may arise now that COVID-19 vaccinations are beginning to
Webinar - Bid Protests - When Where Can You Win?
Bid Protests: When, Where, and Can You Win, presented by Lewis Rhodes, Chair of General Counsel, P.C.’s GovCon Practice and Editor of the Bid Protest Weekly (, the source for bid protest information). In this seminar, we will break down the basics of a bid protest, including eligibility and options for filing as well as
Evidence in Virginia Child Custody Matters – How to Build a Strong Case?
If you are, or will be, involved in a child custody battle, you may be wondering how to help ensure you have the best possible outcome. The evidence you present in court to help establish your argument will be an important factor in the judge’s eventual determination. It’s important to start collecting evidence early to
Video 2 of 2 about Spousal Support in Virginia Divorce
This is a continuation from the first video in this pair about spousal support and alimony in Virginia. There are 3 classifications of spousal support in Virginia divorces: 1. Support for an undefined period of time 2. Support for a defined period of time 3. Lump sum payment Spousal support will end upon the death
Video 1 on Virginia Alimony and Spousal Support
This is the first part of a 2-part video series on spousal support in Virginia by Joanna Foard, Family and Divorce Attorney in McLean, VA. Very common questions we hear are “will I have to pay support?” Or, “Am I eligible to receive support?” Spousal support obligations are governed by statute in Virginia, and take
Video introduces basic concepts of child support in Virginia divorce
Virginia uses a child support calculator that factors in both parents income, the child care and other costs, are put in to generate the child support financial obligation. Child support typically ends at the minor child’s 19th birthday, although many other circumstances and agreements can dictate different terms.  
Video Explaining Mediation in Divorce in Virginia
Divorce cases often settle in a process called Mediation. This video contains a brief overview of mediation as a type of alternative dispute resolution for divorce in Virginia that can avoid the stress and much of the cost of a trial in court. Learn more about mediation and uncontested divorce here:      
Video explaining grounds for divorce in Virginia
Overview of Grounds for Filing for Divorce in Virginnia including separation periods that depend on your circumstances, for instance if you have minor children together, or can agree on an “uncontested” divorce. Find more detailed information on this page about the Grounds for Divorce.
Video explaining what Equitable Distribution means in Virginia Divorce
A brief overview of equitable distribution of assets in divorce in Virginia. Equitable distribution is different than “equal” distribution which is used in other states. There are 3 classifications of property that need to be considered: marital property, separate property, and hybrid property. Check with an attorney before signing any agreements on assets and debts.
The idea of filing for divorce may be overwhelming. Naturally, people may worry about finances, children, and where to live. On top of that, the actual process of filing for divorce may seem daunting. Before moving forward, individuals should gather their thoughts and create an action plan to follow. Consulting a family law attorney may
Family Law Financial Issues: A Webinar for Financial, Tax, and Accounting Professionals
Joanna Foard, Senior Counsel, Family and Marital Law Legal information for accountants, financial advisors, and other professionals involved in the handling of finance in Virginia divorces.      
Webinar answering 20 common questions about divorce in Virginia
Joanna Foard, Senior Counsel, Family and Marital Law Joanna answers 20 of the most common questions have for her related to divorce in this one-hour webinar.  
In a recent case, the Eastern District of Virginia found an employer may be liable for defamation after making allegedly false statements to a former employee’s new employer. The employer stated the employee was fired for insubordination, was a disgruntled former employee, and might sabotage their products. The employee claimed the statements were false and
Divorces can be complicated and difficult and the idea of discussing divorce with your spouse may seem overwhelming. Having fully thought through the matter beforehand, being confident in the decision, and being prepared for the conversation can help make discussing divorce a little easier. Below are some tips to consider before broaching the subject with
When making custody or visitation decisions, courts will determine what is in the best interests of the child, based on multiple factors set out in the Virginia Code. Virginia law favors custody and visitation arrangements that allow both parents to be involved in the lives of their children. Child Custody In Virginia there are two
A recent case filed in the Western District of Virginia highlights the importance of employers creating written commission and bonus plans for applicable employees. Additionally, these plans need to be carefully drafted to ensure they are enforceable. In Morris v. Taylor Communications Secure & Customer Solutions, Inc., the court found that although there was a