Politics in the workplace
With an election quickly approaching, employers may be wondering how much political talk amongst employees they should allow. Such discussions may distract workers from completing tasks as well as create or increase tension or discord between coworkers. Moreover, many issues discussed during campaigning involve topics that are protected under various statutes. For example, many political
Former employee violating non-solicitation agreement
In a recent case, the Western District of Virginia found in favor of the employer plaintiff, granting a motion for injunctive relief enjoining the defendant’s prior employee from soliciting clients in violation of a non-solicitation agreement. There, the court found the employer was likely to succeed on the merits of the underlying breach of contract
Virginia Emrgency Covid-19 Mandatory Standard for Employers
General Counsel, P.C. Back To Work Complimentary Employment Law Part Three As employers gradually reopen, have employees return to the workplace, or simply continue to struggle through remote working, there is tremendous confusion as to the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.  The Back to Work Webinar Series will hopefully clarify and provide guidance to employers.
fraud, statutory business conspiracy
Johnson v. Bella Gravida, LLC Jason Wilson and Christa Evans (“Defendants”) cofounded a clothing company, Bella Gravida, LLC, of which Evans was also the CEO and manager. Bella Gravida was marketed as a monthly subscription service for maternity clothing. In 2015, Stephen and Ann Johnson (“Plaintiffs”) signed a Membership Unit Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”), exchanging $30,000