In a recent case, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia sided with the employer seeking injunctive relief after employees acquired confidential information and disclosed that information to a competitor, causing irreparable harm to the employer. This case should serve as a warning to employees, as well as guidance for employers who
Published by Ask General Counsel on InsideNova, 11/12/02021 Image from Inside Nova Deciding which family members will receive your assets upon death is one of the main considerations in estate planning. What happens to that adult child’s share named in the estate plan who predeceased their mother? Is the predeceased child’s share divided between the surviving siblings? Or,
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General Counsel, P.C. is thrilled to welcome Craig Lawless to our ranks. If you or your business needs assistance with government contracts or corporate legal matters, please get in touch with him by calling 703-226-1865 or you may email him at Bio & Background Craig joins General Counsel, P.C. having previously served as in-house
Estate Planning Survivorship Options 101: Do You Know What Your Estate Plan Actually Does?
Deciding which family members will receive your assets upon death is one of the main considerations in estate planning. It is awkward to consider what would happen to an inheritance should one or more of your family members predecease you, or if one of your siblings predecease your parents. For example, if your mother leaves her

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Published by Ask General Counsel on InsideNova, 10/27/02021 Image from Inside Nova Vaccine mandates are impacting hundreds of thousands of employees in the Washington region and across the country.  Here is a summary of the coverage, legal exemptions, and accommodations for the pending vaccine mandates.  For more information or legal assistance, contact Merritt Green, who
              Recently, Merritt Green presented a webinar on Religious Exemptions to COVID 19 Mandatory Vaccination Policies. Employers and employees facing mandatory vaccination policies are struggling with understanding religious exemptions. This webinar will provide an overview of the law, of what constitutes a “sincerely held religious belief,” and what accommodations
The unique estate planning experiences of legends can be valuable lessons for us:  First, Chadwick Boseman, who brought the Black Panther to the big screen among other notable works, had no estate plan. Walt Disney, who made us smile in so many ways from creating Mickey Mouse, and his other productions to the amazing theme
Ann-Marie Murzin recently answered 20 Questions about Estate Planning in the “Do I Need a Will? Or a Trust? And What is Estate Planning?” webinar series with Merritt Green. During this 60-minute webinar, Ann-Marie covers basic estate planning concepts, she does a deep dive into specific scenarios where estate planning may be especially helpful, as
Published by Ask General Counsel on InsideNova, 9/29/2021 Image from Inside Nova In this edition of Ask General Counsel, we provide an overview of religious exemptions to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies.  This is an issue that employers and employees are struggling to understand and determine their respective rights.  This article is intended as a brief overview
With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing and new cases still being contracted due to new variants, many employers are considering or have already implemented mandatory vaccination policies. These policies bring up questions about what rights employers have regarding employees who refuse to get the vaccine. Since cases regarding vaccination policies are just starting to be heard
6 Estate Planning Lessons to Take From a Grumpy Old Man
Only about one year ago, Emmy Award winning actor Ed Asner, who passed away this week, recorded a witty interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show.  Asner, who often played the role of a grumpy old man was far from that in real life. In the movie Up, Asner channeled his empathy in scenes so relatable they make people laugh and cry
Published by Ask General Counsel on InsideNova, 8/25/2021 Image from Inside Nova There are many legal considerations when starting a business.  As attorneys, we are fortunate to help business owners start and operate businesses.  Unfortunately, we also see all the mistakes made by business owners.  Hopefully, the below outline provides guidance that can direct and
Published by Ask General Counsel on InsideNova, 8/11/2021 Image from Inside Nova Corporations, LLCs, and other organizations are formed to shield their owners from liability. This protection is unique to corporations, as sole proprietorships or general partnerships do not have liability protection; they allow for the assets of both the business and the owner to be seized
In a recent case, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia denied the employee’s motion to dismiss and determined that multiple claims could proceed against an employee, including breach of contract, breach of duty of loyalty, and fraud. In this case, the employee and employer entered into an Employment Agreement stating the
In a recent case, the United States Supreme Court held that a former police sergeant did not violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”) when he accessed a law enforcement database for personal use. As a general matter, the CFAA provides both criminal penalties and a civil cause of action that employers have utilized