Based on your previous answers, your business would be considered Very High Risk, High Risk, or is Moderate risk with 11 or more employees.

The documents you would need to help you comply would be:

    • Employer Checklist
    • Employee Checklist
    • Return to Work Plan
    • COVID-19 Training PowerPoint Materials
    • Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan
    • Employee Acknowledgement Form

What VES Forms Generator Users Say

"L.B.  shared your VES Form Generator with me, and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this!!!! Last weekend, I spent 4 hours reading the 35 page outline and was going cross-eyed. I was nervous about having to put together a whole plan and training course when I could barely understand what I was reading. I was excited that I would not have to write that out myself from scratch. And then when I saw the training, I was even more ecstatic!!!! I would absolutely recommend this to others with the $250-350 price tag – the value far surpasses that!"

 "I wanted to thank you, Business Compliance LLC, and General Counsel PC...for making us aware of the Virginia COVID-19 document requirements related to the Emergency Temporary Standard and also giving us an easy way to comply. It took less than 15 minutes to submit the necessary information, make payment, and receive the necessary documents."

“Thanks these forms are great.  They are awesome!”

Need to know more?

Watch this 3 minute video about the Virginia Emergency Standard: What, Why and How