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Intellectual Property Litigation

At General Counsel, P.C., our Intellectual Property and Litigation practice groups work closely together in order to effectively protect our clients’ intellectual property interests. We are experienced at handling both infringement actions and licensing disputes for all forms of intellectual property and proprietary data, including actions for trademark dilution, patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, and copyright infringement.

Whether you are seeking to protect your patents, copyrighted materials, or trademarks, or whether you are defending yourself against a claim for infringement or breach of a licensing agreement, our attorneys will be able to assist you in protecting your intellectual property rights.

Working alongside the Intellectual Property practice group, General Counsel, P.C.’s litigation practice group can assist you in the event that a patent infringement dispute arises.

At the trial and appellate level, our attorneys have successfully brought and defended against claims for patent infringement and design patent infringement, for patents covering a diverse range of technologies and industries. Our attorneys are experienced in managing infringement actions from start to finish, from the initial investigation phase in which evidence of infringement is collected and assessed, through the litigation of the infringement action itself, and finally through the post-judgment enforcement of injunctive relief as well as compliance monitoring.

Copyright protections are particularly invaluable for software developers. In the government contracting context, software licensing issues can be particularly complex; subcontractors who are developing or licensing intellectual property to the government – or to prime contractors performing under government contracts – must be diligent in the drafting and performance of their contracts to assure that they maintain their intellectual property rights in their product to the maximum extent permitted under the law. Likewise, prime contractors that have contracted out for the licensing or development of software deliverables must ensure that they have complied with their contract requirements in obtaining necessary ownership or licensing rights. Because of our commitment to providing legal services for government contractors in the metropolitan Washington area, the attorneys with General Counsel, PC are uniquely familiar with the challenges faced by software developers performing under government contracts.

Trademark and Trade Dress
Trademark and Trade Dress infringement results in damage to a company’s most valuable asset: its brand. By working with our Intellectual Property attorneys to register and protect your trademarks and trade dress, our clients are able to obtain a secure position from which they will be able to successfully protect their marks from dilution or infringement. The Intellectual Property and Litigation Attorneys at General Counsel, PC have successfully litigated claims for both trademark and trade dress infringement, including prevailing in claims for infringement arising from a competitor’s distribution of imported counterfeit goods, as well as claims for brand dilution arising from use of a competitor’s marks in Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

Trade Secrets
A company’s trade secrets are a valuable resource, but one that is often overlooked. Unlike other forms of intellectual property, trade secrets maintain their legally protected status by maintaining their status as a secret. Successfully protecting and maintaining your company’s trade secrets and proprietary data requires a comprehensive approach, as the strategies employed to maintain trade secret secrecy must be specifically tailored to every company’s individual needs and business structure. To this end, our employment and corporate practice groups are able to assist clients in protecting their trade secrets before the need for litigation ever arises.

When a claim for trade secret misappropriation has occurred, however, our litigation team is able to draw upon a wealth of experience with trade secret litigation, and aggressively protect and defend our clients’ interests in court. In addition to successfully protecting our clients’ rights and ownership interests in trade secret data, our attorneys also regularly defend employers that are facing claims of misappropriation based upon their employees’ unauthorized acts. If your company has been accused of trade secret misappropriation, or if you believe that your trade secrets have been wrongfully used by a competitor, contact General Counsel, P.C. to find out what options may be available to you.


Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

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