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Government Contractors Litigation

At General Counsel, P.C., we offer government contractors in the D.C. metropolitan area full-service legal support.  Our litigation practice group is experienced in representing government contractors in litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings, and we regularly litigate disputes concerning the legal matters confronting those who do business with the government.

As a result of the specialized contract regime that has been developed in the government contracts field, government contractors are often confronted with legal issues that are not commonly encountered elsewhere. For instance, here is an excerpt from a paper we have written regarding the history of the Termination for Convenience Clause. Litigators representing government contractors must be familiar with both the particularized business needs that government contractors can have, as well as the applicable legal rules that apply in the context of government contracting.

Lawyers in the government contracts and the litigation practice groups at General Counsel, P.C. work closely together in representing government contractors whenever the risk of litigation arises. We are able to counsel contractors both on how to minimize the risk that litigation will occur, as well as how to protect the client’s interest so that, should legal action become necessary, our clients will be in the best position possible in order to protect their legal interests.

General Counsel, P.C. is able to effectively resolve the broad range of disputes that arise during the pursuit and performance of government contracts. Our attorneys have handled litigation matters for government contractors operating at all contracting levels, including:

  • Claims involving disputes between sub-contractor and prime contractor over workshare, scope disputes, and sub-contract disputes.
  • Litigating claims on behalf of contractors that have been the target of employee-poaching schemes in violation of non-solicitation clauses in employment and subcontract agreements.
  • Representing contractors in the software industry in disputes concerning software licensing and copyright infringement.
  • Protecting government contractors that are confronted with employees and former employees who attempt to gain leverage against their employer by threatening to make baseless accusations of false billing practices.
  • Litigating claims on behalf of contractors whose business interests have been harmed due to the breakdown of a teaming or partnership agreement.
  • Handling legal issues that result from the specialized employment situations that resulting during the performance of government contracts, or the transitioning to or from performance of government contracts, for contracts with federal and state government agencies.


Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

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