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Commercial litigation, also known as business litigation, generally covers the many different types of legal disputes that arise in the business context. Our attorneys routinely handle a variety of  commercial legal disputes and problems, which involve various areas of the law.  The pages of our website discuss some of these areas specifically, although there are simply too many to list all of them separately.

Some of these various areas of the law include:

  • Business Disputes– Our business attorneys can assist with business disputes of every variety, including unfair competition, business conspiracy, business torts, and other disputes and conflicts. Unfair competition refers to the use of misleading or deceptive business tactics that can damage other businesses or consumers. Unfair competition may also include intellectual property issues, such as trademark infringement, or misappropriation of trade secrets. There are also a range of business torts, which generally refer to wrongful acts committed against business entities. Examples of business torts include tortious interference, where one part interferes with the business of another party, or fraudulent misrepresentation, where a party falsely or recklessly misrepresents its position in a business contract, which injures another party.
  • Collections– We assist clients with collecting on accounts receivable, both in and out of court. Unfortunately, business owners occasionally find themselves in situations where another party, either an individual or another business, refuses to pay money the business is owed. Payment disputes may arise from a disagreement about the quality of goods or services provided or financial issues on the part of the indebted party. Regardless of the reason for nonpayment, securing those funds owed, and in a timely manner, can be key to continuing to successfully run the business. Our attorneys can assist business owners in securing delinquent payments from these parties. Utilizing a collections attorney, rather than a debt collection agency, can both result in a quicker resolution, meaning a quicker payment for your business, as well as to potentially avoid ruining an otherwise successful business relationship. While we are prepared to go to court for your business if necessary, we’ll also try to resolve any disputes without litigation if possible. Avoiding litigation will also result in a faster, and often cheaper, resolution. Often, such disputes can be settled through a demand letter or negotiation.
  • Commercial Landlord / Tenant and Real Estate DisputesCommercial leasing is generally more complex than residential leasing, for many reasons, including the fact that the length of commercial leases typically binds the parties for longer periods of time and include additional provisions related to the commercial environment. Due to these extra layers of complexities and longer lasting contractual relationships, it’s especially important for lease terms to be amenable to both parties. As an employer, if your commercial landlord is not fulfilling all of the obligations under the lease, that could have a significant impact on the success of your business. The remedies available in these circumstances depends on the terms agreed upon in the lease, so it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney who is able to review your lease and assess the options available to you. Our attorneys have experience representing both Landlords and Tenants in commercial landlord and tenant disputes in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. We also have experience handling real estate issues. Whether it is a property line dispute, overhanging trees, easements for access or other purposes, we assist clients with disputes over real estate interests ranging from leases to ownership.
  • Construction Law– Construction law includes a wide range of issues related to all stages of a construction project. Our attorneys represent contractors, subcontractors, developers, and owners with respect to all manner of construction disputes, including Mechanic’s Liens, payment claims, and defect claims. Specifically, our attorneys can help clients from the beginning of a construction project by drafting and negotiating construction contracts, as well as by assisting with requests for proposals, bidding for proposals, and protesting awards. In addition to our bid protest practice, our Government Contracts Practice Group is pleased to provide you with the Bid Protest Weekly, a resource center for government contractors. Bid Protest Weekly contains a massive database of GAO Bid Protest Decision summaries along with information on the regulations and processes involved in GAO and other government protests.
  • Contract Disputes – A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. Contract disputes can cover a wide variety of issues, but usually entail one or more parties breaching the contract in some capacity, meaning the party failed to perform his obligations under the agreement as agreed upon. Breach of contract issues can take many forms, including breach of partnership agreements, non-compete or non-solicitation agreements, employment agreements, leases, or purchase contracts for products or services. Our contract attorneys can handle contract disputes of every variety, and whether you are trying to enforce a contract or get out of one, we have handled similar cases.
  • Defamation– Defamation is the publication of any false statement of fact with the knowledge that it is untrue and the intent to harm another person’s reputation. Defamation can be verbal (slander) or written (libel), but the “publication” requirement means that the statement must be made to a third person who actually understands that the statement was about the person allegedly defamed. A case brough by Johnny Depp has provided guidance.  Employers should also be aware of the possibility of defamation in the workplace so they can put in place policies to avoid such concerns. There is also a growing area of defamation law surrounding the vast scope of the internet, and rampant opportunities for “anonymous” criticism. With the changes in the internet and social media culture, defamation definitions continue to evolve in different jurisdictions.
  • Employment and Labor Law – Labor and employment law deal with the laws and regulations that govern relationships between employees and employers. An employment law attorney represents employers in the private and public sectors, as well as individual employees. Our employment attorneys handle matters including equal employment opportunity law, employment contracts, family and medical leave, wage and hour laws, wrongful discharge, harassment, workplace safety, covenants not to compete, and severance/separation agreements. Our employment and labor attorneys can also advise clients on how best to comply with federal and laws.
  • Alternative Dispute ResolutionCommercial litigation may also involve alternative dispute resolution forums, outside of the traditional courtroom setting. Many business disputes are governed by a contract, and often, contracts will bind the parties to the use of arbitration or mediation rather than going directly to court. Even when parties aren’t bound to mandatory arbitration, they may choose to utilize alternative dispute resolution forums, which are often able to lead to faster and more cost-effective solutions. Our attorneys can help you determine if mandatory arbitration is right for your business or help you navigate the mediation or arbitration process.

If you’re looking for a commercial dispute lawyer in Virginia, Maryland, or D.C., call General Counsel P.C. at 703-991-7973.

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