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Every company, young and old, needs a solid foundation of employment documents. With a comprehensive set of employment documents, employers and employees have a clear view of all the rules of the workplace and corporate culture. The Cornerstone documents not only hold up the structure of your company, but they also give your employees a road map to navigate your company’s policies.

Our Cornerstone Documents include the following items that cover the following areas:

  • Hiring Employees
    • Including Applications, Job Descriptions and Sample Interview Guidelines
  • Checklists for Major Employee Cross Roads
    • New Hire Checklist
    • Annual Review Checklist
    • Termination Checklist
  • Employee Handbook
  • Benefits Policies
  • Tax Documents and Policies (Both State and Federal)
  • Guides and Forms for Government Contractors

Let the Employment Attorneys of General Counsel, P.C. help shape your company’s Cornerstone. Our detailed list of documents contained within a Cornerstone is available upon consultation.

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