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McLean, Virginia Copyright Lawyers

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Copyright protection grants the exclusive right to use, distribute, or reproduce a work. If anyone else wishes to use your company’s copyrighted material, they must pay you for that privilege. At General Counsel, P.C., our experienced intellectual property (IP) lawyers work with emerging growth businesses in the DC area to determine what should be copyrighted in order to give the company the best return on its investment.

Protection from Copyright Infringement

Copyright law is a subset of intellectual property law. It protects original works of expression. When obtained correctly, copyright prevents others from copying:

  1. Literary works
  2. Musical works
  3. Sound recordings
  4. Dramatic works
  5. Choreography
  6. Pictorial, graphic and sculptural works
  7. Motion pictures and other audiovisual works

In addition to copyright infringement protection, our firm assists businesses with the full spectrum of intellectual property protection from patent infringement, trademark violations, and trade secret protection.

Copyright Litigation Attorneys

As the author of copyrighted material, you retain certain rights but those rights are only as strong as your willingness to protect them. If someone else has reproduced, copied, distributed or otherwise performed your copyrighted work, you need an experienced copyright litigation attorney to protect your interests in and out of the courtroom. We will fight to ensure you are compensated and that the violation of your rights does not continue.

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Whether you have created a play, logos, video games, movies, songs, or a book, we can help with your copyright protection. Contact our McLean office by e-mail or call 703.556.0411 to set up a consultation, We provide comprehensive copyright representation to clients throughout Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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