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In an ideal world, after receiving a government contract award, the contractor will perform as required and be paid by the government in full and on time.

Unfortunately, contracting with the government is not always ideal; contract disputes will occasionally occur. If you have encountered controversy or delay in response to a request for payment or contract adjustment, we can assist you with the dispute process.

Our Government Contracts attorneys are skilled negotiators, and can attempt to negotiate a settlement with the agency on your behalf. However, filing a Claim to the Contracting Officer is often the best and only option. Our attorneys have vast experience assisting contractors with filing Claims, and can provide you with the necessary guidance to maximize the possibility of success of your Claim.

If your Claim is denied by the Contracting Officer, our attorneys can also assist you with the filing of an Appeal. A Contracting Officer’s Final Decision can be appealed in either the Court of Federal Claims or one of the Boards of Contract Appeals. There are different filing requirements for each forum, so contact General Counsel, P.C. as soon as possible so that we may help you preserve your appeal rights.

Our Government Contracts Practice Group has extensive experience in the area of government contract law, helping clients solve their government contract problems relating to the award or performance of a federal government contract, including bid protests, contract claims, small business concerns, and teaming and subcontractor relations.


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