Although it is the goal of our attorneys to assist you in avoiding disputes, there are times when it is necessary to file a protest to protect your opportunity to receive a contract award.


In an ideal world, after receiving a government contract award, the contractor will perform as required and be paid by the government in full and on time.


Small Business Certification Services

Government Contracting and Bid Protest Lawyers

Complete Contractor Assistance in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and Nationwide

Government contractors need legal counsel from attorneys with broad experience handling the unique situations that may arise when dealing with state or federal government agencies. At General Counsel, P.C., we have the knowledge and skill to represent your interests in contract formation and contract performance. We resolve government contract disputes at all levels, draft documents such as teaming and subcontractor agreements, and counsel you through all issues related to contract administration.

Comprehensive Government Contractor Representation

Our government contract attorneys have experience providing legal advice, as well as negotiation and litigation expertise relevant to the entire lifecycle of a government contractor. We have been able to resolve disputes with government customers without resorting to costly litigation that can damage ongoing business relationships.

When necessary, we file bid protests and pursue contract claims against the government. We have been involved in numerous bid protests and know what it takes to succeed at every available forum, including state and federal courts.

Giving Your Company an Advantage in Government Contracts

We can advise you on teaming agreements, subcontractor agreements, proposals, and related issues. We also advise clients who wish to qualify for small business set-aside awards, such as:

We will work with you to determine whether your business qualifies for these and many more government programs. We will assist you in compiling the relevant documentation and preparing a detailed and compelling application to obtain these valuable small business certifications. Once your business is certified, we will help you to develop a business plan that can turn that certification into monetary value. As many certifications are not guaranteed for the life of your business, we will help you monitor whether new business opportunities or partnerships with other companies may jeopardize your ongoing qualification under these programs.

Government Contract Litigation Attorneys

Although it is the goal of our attorneys to avoid litigation, there are times when you have no choice but to litigate to protect your rights. We can represent you before many agencies and courts including:

  • The Government Accountability Office (GAO)
  • The U. S. Court of Federal Claims (COFC)
  • The Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
  • The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
  • The FAA's Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition
  • The Small Business Administration's Office of Hearings and Appeals

General Counsel, P.C.'s attorneys are also familiar with litigating subcontractor disputes before private dispute resolution panels, such as the American Arbitration Association.

Contact a Government Contracts Lawyer

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Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

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