Do You Have a Sensitive Family Matter?

Legal issues involving family relationships, including divorce, property division, spousal support, and child custody and visitation, can be the most difficult - and sensitive - things any of us has to deal with. But if you are facing or anticipating that type of situation, you may need to talk to an experienced family law attorney.

Our attorneys are sensitive to the emotional and financial strains associated with such issues, and take great pride in being compassionate and reliable in order to achieve the best results possible for their clients. 

They are experienced in representing clients in court in divorce and child custody proceedings and can also work with clients interested in mediated or collaborative divorce, rather than litigating these issues in court. 

Whether you’re concerned with spousal or child support, property division or have international family law issues, our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in family law matters and are here to help you protect your rights.

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What You'll Get Out of Our Free, 15-Minute Consultationnnn

Provide Clarity

Our family law attorneys can help you sort through the legal implications of family legal issues such as divorce,  property separation, child custody, and guardianship among others.  We can also provide clarity with regard  to alternative dispute resolution options like mediation or collaborative divorce.

Meet With A “Personal” Lawyer

We are a small firm of experts in our fields who left the “big law” environment. Unlike those big firms, you will talk directly with the attorney who handles your case.  We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and serve as general advisors as much as attorneys.

Give You A Plan

You don't go alone and you don't go without a plan.  Our attorneys will work with you through the entire process and guide you through the challenges that arise in family matters.

Our Family Law Practice

Our Family Law practice is led by Joanna M. Foard.  She knew from a young age that she wanted to help others, and decided that becoming an attorney was a great way to do so.  She finds great satisfaction in her work, and is a dedicated family law practitioner, highly experienced in all aspects of family law, either uncontested or contested, from case initiation, through the discovery process, and to trial. To see reviews from prior clients, please visit Joanna’s Avvo page and read her 100+ 5-star ratings and see her many Client’s Choice Awards.