Need to Discuss a Potential Bid Protest?

If your company submitted a proposal in response to a Government Solicitation, which was recently rejected, and you believe that a less qualified offeror was awarded the contract, you may have grounds for a bid protest.  

Bid protests – especially at GAO – have very strict deadlines, so you must make choices about where and when to file in a matter of days. DO NOT DELAY. 

General Counsel’s bid protest attorneys are highly skilled and experienced in filing pre-award and post-award bid protests at GAO and the Court of Federal Claims. 

You worked very hard on your proposal and deserve to be treated fairly by the Government; General Counsel’s attorneys will make sure that you are.

We cannot help you until we talk. Call us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you. 

Small business owners, our favorite clients, since you tend to be direct and to the point. Here's the link to our calendar if you'd rather just skip the niceties, get a head-start, and schedule a consultation directly.

The sooner the better!

Do not delay.  We can provide guidance on questions to ask at your debrief and, if applicable, can help you draft questions for your enhanced debrief. We can start shaping your potential protest arguments during this stage. 

What You'll Get Out of Our Free, 15-Minute Consultation

Provide Clarity

The Bid Protest process can be confusing. We will walk you through the process and help you get a better idea about what to expect. We will also offer you a full and frank analysis of your specific case, as well as the risks and benefits of proceeding with a protest.

Meet With A “Personal” Lawyer

We are a small firm of experts in our fields who left the “big law” environment. Unlike those big firms, you will talk directly with the attorney who handles your case.  We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and serve as general advisors as much as attorneys. 

Give You A Plan

The attorney who leads our GovCon group is a former Marine infantry officer with multiple combat tours – he will make sure that you have a plan to navigate the process and that you are advised through each step.  

Our Government Contracts Practice

Our GovCon practice is led by Lewis Rhodes. In addition to his legal career where he has been both in-house and outside counsel for government contractors, Lewis is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves and has a combined 26 years of service on active duty and as a Reservist. As a veteran, Lewis takes special pride in representing veteran-owned businesses and has developed expertise in regulations governing VOSB and SDVOSB certified companies.