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How General Counsel, P.C. Can Help

At GCPC we believe in providing exceptional legal representation and superior customer service to companies of all sizes and in all industries. We focus on the core legal competencies which every business will need in order to be successful and grow. Whether you are establishing a new business or you are a large corporation seeking outside counsel, we are well-positioned to meet the legal needs of your business.

  • How we help small businesses: For our small business clients, we provide a vast array of general and specialized services needed by an emerging business. Regardless of the size of our client, we work to understand our clients’ business methods and objectives, which allow our attorneys to provide superior and more cost-effective representation.
  • How we help large businesses: For our large corporate clients we provide specialized service as outside general counsel or to supplement in-house counsel in those areas where we have developed a reputation as industry leaders.

For all clients, General Counsel, P.C. attorneys strive to provide service and legal representation beyond client expectations. We understand that clients are our customers and, as such, nothing is more important than customer service. We truly want to develop long-term relationships in which our attorneys become an integral component of our clients’ success.

A Cost-Effective Approach to Expert Legal Counsel

Our experienced attorneys offer a full range of the legal services needed by every business, including labor and employment, corporate and tax, government contracts, civil litigation, and intellectual property. Our mission is to work with you to understand and develop your strategic plan, and then determine the most effective way to prepare for and help your business achieve its goals. We do not simply want to be your lawyer — we want to be your legal partner and trusted advisor.

We understand in uncertain economic times that money is tight. Our senior attorneys charge on average 30% less than the area average and our associates nearly 50% less than average. While legal services are not inexpensive, we strive to maintain cost-effective representation for our clients.

Client-Centered Service

Our team of attorneys is dedicated to ensuring that your company stays on track to achieve its business objectives. We strive to build a partnership with you and your business, remaining on call as you grow your operation and are faced with new opportunities and new challenges. We are particularly adept at helping our clients enter into or expand within the world of government contracting. Whether you are exploring certifying your company under one of the many small business development programs available at the local or federal level, or are negotiating a teaming agreement with a new business partner in order to pursue a contracting opportunity, we have the experience to help you accomplish your goals. As your time on a contract winds down, we are prepared to pursue any outstanding claims against the government or your contracting partners, as well as help you plan for future endeavors. Our attorneys understand the importance of maintaining your reputation in the often small world of government contracting, and we approach every situation with an eye towards ensuring that your relationships with agencies and prime or subcontractors remain intact.




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